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School Information

School Information

Cafeteria Notes
Breakfast and lunch are provided to Rock Island Academy students at no cost.

Students bringing a sack lunch may purchase milk for $.40. Soda pop is not allowed in the school cafeteria.  If your child is eating hot lunch (lunch provided by the school) please do not send snacks with them.

Absences & Late Arrivals
If your child will be absent or coming to school late, please call the school office at 309-793-5944 before 8:45 a.m.  If you know that your child will be late or absent in advance, please send a note to school with your child. In order for your child to succeed they must be in attendance everyday that school is in session and on time. We are mandated by state law to report any excessive truancy’s to the Regional Office of Education (ROE). If your child is absent/tardy (excused or unexcused) for 5 days (consecutive or nonconsecutive) you will receive a warning letter. If the absences/tardiness continues, at 10 days you will receive a second letter and your child’s attendance record will be forwarded to the Truancy Officer and the Regional Office of Education.

Shuttle Bus Services
Shuttle Bus Services will be available for the Primary and Intermediate Academy students at no charge. Your child may catch a shuttle bus from either Thurgood Marshall Learning Center (Old Grant), the Primary Academy or the Intermediate Academy (old Lincoln). There will be two buses transporting students at the designated times (see schedule above) to both Academies. Please contact the school office at 793-5944 if you have any questions regarding the bus schedule. A bus contract will be available for you to sign during registration. You may arrange private contracting services with Johannes Bus Co. by calling 309-788-7932.  PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT JOHANNES BUS SERVICES REGARDING THE SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE.

Other Transportation
If your child rides a daycare van (i.e. Rainbow, In a Kids Worlds etc.) or is a private contract student through Johannes Bus Company (you pay for them to ride the bus). Please remember that it is your responsibility to inform the main office and/or their teacher. You must also inform us if there are any changes later in the school year. We do not allow students to call home everyday to see how they are supposed to get home.

Medication (including aspirin, cough syrup or drops, eye drops, antibiotics) may not be dispensed at school without a completed Medication Form signed by your doctor and you.

Signing in
Please remember – All parents and visitors must sign in with the secretary in the office before visiting classrooms. If you are bringing forgotten items such as gym shoes, lunches, or book bags, please leave them in the office and we will deliver them to your child’s classroom. For security reasons, only the front lobby door on the 9th avenue side will be available for you to enter during the day. Please ring the bell and the office will “buzz” you in.

Please remember that toys are not to be brought to school. Kindergarten students may have special permission on Show and Tell Day. Students are NEVER allowed to bring toy weapons (plastic/water guns, swords etc). Pocket knives are considered a weapon.

Arrivals and departures
All students are expected to enter and exit from the doors on the playground side. Please do not drop your child off in the front of the building unless it is 8:25 a.m. All students that arrive (with parents or alone) prior to 8:25 a.m. at the front will be asked to walk around to the playground and/or cafeteria doors.

Lost and Found
Please label your child’s outer clothing, lunch boxes, book bags and personal items. This makes returning lost items much easier. Safety Tip: Always label the inside rather than the outside of children’s items.